Our Mission

The Cat Fanciers' AssociationThe CFA Breeder Assistance Program (BAP) is here to help CFA breeders and catteries in a time of need for a variety of reasons beyond their control. This assistance will be provided in confidence and with compassion to the individuals involved and with the well being of their cats foremost. Reasons for such requests for help include:

  • Temporary loss of home / Acts of Nature
  • Personal Family Situations (i.e. divorce, loss of job etc)
  • Cases of Illness, Temporary or Permanent Disability
  • Normal Retirement
  • Number of Cats beyond care capacity
  • Death, without provision for the animals

Breeder Assistance

Breeder Assistance ProgramThe Breeder Assistance Program was developed because of a need that we saw between Animal Welfare and Purebred Rescue. Breeder Assistance is a place for breeders to seek help in situations out of their control. With BAP we will be able to help with advice, physical help and placement.

"Confidential" is the key word to our interaction with you, or with someone you know, who seeks advice or help. You can contact the Chairperson, or your individual Regional Coordinator -- whichever gives you the comfort level you seek. If you or another breeder needs help with their cats please contact us!

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Breed Rescue

Breed Rescue Program The Breed Rescue Program is here to help purebred cats at risk in shelters across the country. We, in cooperation with the CFA Breed Councils, are building a coalition of breed specific rescue groups, as well as locally operated rescue organizations.

While our main focus is the CFA recognized breeds, our ever-growing network of concerned breeders, pet owners, and fosters work with many organizations to secure the safety of all cats.

If you know of a cat at risk, please contact us.

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The Food Pantry

The Food Pantry is a project that started in the CFA Midwest Region because, as they moved forward with the Breeder Assistance Program, they discovered a need for pet food. Some people had lost their jobs and could no longer afford sufficient food; others had emergencies, such as a fire. The Food Pantry was developed to fulfill this need.

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