The Food Pantry

The CFA Breeder Assistance Program, set up initially to aid cat breeders who found themselves overwhelmed for various reasons, has been quietly and successfully in operation since 2006.

Breeders who needed help have received the confidential assistance they requested - one had lost their job and could no longer afford to purchase sufficient food, others had extreme emergencies such as surgery with extensive recovery time, a new limit law with a 10 day compliance requirement that necessitated an immediate reduction in numbers, and a breeder who experienced a major house fire.

As the program was being developed in the CFA Midwest Region, an urgent need for pet food was uncovered. It was discovered that, occasionally, breeders might need help to feed their cats. To fulfill this need, donations of cat food were requested at cat shows -- and the Food Pantry program was born!

Food, Litter etc. will be provided per number of cats/kittens in your care, this will be determined with you and your Breeders Assist (BAP) Coordinator. Then you can select from your brand(s) used with your monthly budget amount allocated by BAP. You email your quantity and selection(s) back to your Breeders Assist Coordinator to submit to Food Pantry. Your Selections are then ordered and paid by our Food Pantry Coordinator, copy of order emailed to you, and shipped out by Chewy to your home monthly for the time period approved, usually up to 3 months.

We use to meet the short term needs of Breeders and their pedigree Felines working with thru their Breeders Assistance Coordinator to place orders. We have found products very helpful for our Breeders needing disaster assistance, many products to meet their pet(s) needs, giving them peace of mind during that difficult time as they put their lives back together. Our Coordinators work hand in hand helping Breeders to put their lives back on track.

If you know of a breeder in need of help, please contact Tracey at Please consider a donation to the CFA Breeder Assistance and Food Pantry Programs to help individuals in need.