CFA Breed Rescue Program

Breed Rescue Program The Breed Rescue Program supports the rescue efforts of CFA.  With the help of CFA member clubs and breed councils, we endeavor to ensure the safety of our recognized breeds, particularly those at risk of euthanasia in our community shelters, and to aid the rescue community at large for the benefit of all cats.

The new CFA Breed Rescue program is one that works well in the Regions because it is based on a support system made up of breeders. We realize that not all individuals have the time and space to do this kind of community service. For those of you who can help, there are many ways to serve including: pulling, grooming, fostering, vetting and on to placement. Like the Breeders Assistance Program of breeders helping breeders, we are breeders helping cats in situations of need all across the country.

For breeders who would like information or assistance from our program, email or

All emails received will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.